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——  Ethylene material  ——

Main Uses: Separate a variety of organic raw materials, such as gasoline, benzene, kerosene, etc.
Naphtha is a light oil product obtained by cutting the corresponding fractions from crude oil distillation or secondary petroleum processing. Its boiling point range depends on the needs, usually a wide distillation range, such as 30-220 ° C.
Naphtha is an important raw material for tube furnace cracking to produce ethylene, propylene, and catalytic reforming to produce benzene, toluene, and xylene. As a cracking raw material, the content of alkanes and naphthenes in the naphtha composition is required to be not less than 70% by volume; when used as a catalytic reforming raw material for the production of high-octane gasoline components, the feed is a wide distillate and a boiling point range Generally, it is 80-180 ° C. When used for the production of aromatics, the feed is a narrow fraction with a boiling point in the range of 60-165 ° C.
The boiling range of light straight run naphtha commonly used abroad is 0-100 ° C, and the boiling range of heavy straight run naphtha is 100-200 ° C.
Catalytic cracking naphtha has <105 ° C, 105-160 ° C and 160- Light, medium and heavy at 200 ° C.