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——  200 # solvent oil  ——

Also known as mineral spirit, it was named because it was first widely used in the coating industry instead of turpentine. It is a solvent oil for coatings. The initial boiling point at 101.325kPa is ≥135 ℃. Dry point ≤230 ℃. Flash point (closed cup) ≥30 ℃. Prepared from petroleum by pretreatment and atmospheric distillation. It can dissolve phenolic resin paint, ester rubber paint, alkyd resin and long oil alkyd resin. It is widely used as a solvent in oily paint, ester paint, phenolic paint and alkyd paint to reduce paint viscosity and facilitate construction.
Uses: Suitable for solvents and thinners in the coatings industry.
Product performance: Petroleum distillate composition of 140 ℃ -200 ℃. It has a proper volatilization rate, often contains a certain amount of aromatic hydrocarbons, and has a strong ability to dissolve dry oil and resin. Has suitable distillation range and volatility, good solubility for some oil paints and magnetic paints; small bromine value, low unsaturated hydrocarbon content, good stability; high flash point, high initial boiling point, can reduce toxicity and fire risk, Conducive to safety; colorless water white, low mercaptan sulfur content, good refining depth.