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——  D30  ——

Product introduction: D series solvent oil, also known as light white oil, environmentally friendly solvent oil, dearomatized solvent oil, uses straight run distillate oil, hydrocracked distillate oil or low sulfur straight run aviation coal as raw materials. Hydrorefined and fractionated. The performance advantages of D series light white oil are strong solubility and good volatility. The saturated hydrocarbon content is more than 99%, and the product has good stability. The product has the characteristics of low sulfur, low fragrance, non-toxic and non-odor. The fractions are narrow and can be tailored. It has the advantages of strong detergency, good compatibility with materials, no pollution to the environment, and no damage to the ozone layer.
Uses of D30 products: production of chlorinated paraffin, printing drum cleaning, electronic cleaning, metal casing cleaning, mobile phone mirror cleaning, stainless steel casing cleaning, hardware cleaning, cigarette adhesives, plastic polymerization reaction aids, textile printing and dyeing printing solvents, ink dilution Agent.