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——  Propane  ——

Uses: Used as fuel for engines, barbecue foods, and domestic heating systems. It is often used to drive trains, buses, forklifts, and taxis. It is also used as a fuel for heating and cooking in RVs and camping.
Feedstock for basic petrochemical products prepared by steam cracking.
Acts as fuel or pressurized gas in some flamethrowers.
Raw materials for the production of propanol.
The main fuel of a hot air balloon.
Used in the semiconductor industry to precipitate silicon carbide
. Propane mixed with silicon is used as a propellant for air guns (called green gas when sold) for survival games.
In some theme parks and filming, liquid propane is used as a cheap and high-energy substance to produce explosions or other visual effects.
Propane is mainly found in oil field gas, natural gas, and refinery gas. Used to make ethylene, propylene, oxygenates and primary nitroalkanes. Opportunities are encountered during production or application.